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About Us


The Pate and Lester Company was founded in 1984 by Lamar Lester, Sr. and Harold Pate.  Both founders had extensive experience in the medical sales profession with Johnson and Johnson and Baxter Healthcare, respectively. 

Lamar Lester, Jr. joined the company in 1993 as a territory manager and now owns and runs

the company.  Pate and Lester prides itself on hard work, product knowledge, integrity and

professionalism, all values that were instilled in the company by its original founders.


The company employs seven sales representatives that are all company employees.  We

feel strongly that by investing in company employees, we provide an exceptional level of

commitment and professionalism to our manufacturers and customers that is imperative to

success in today’s medical marketplace. 


All Pate and Lester Company employees are fully credentialed with the hospital

credentialing agencies including Parallon and Intellicentrics.

We believe this business strategy has allowed Pate and Lester to develop and maintain

long-term relationships with both our manufacturers and customers.

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Harold Pate

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Lamar Lester Sr. 

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The Pate and Lester Company is a
Proud Member
of the following 


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HIRA focuses on promoting the Independent Manufacturers Rep (IMR) function within the healthcare industry. Its members are independent sales agencies located across the nation who offer manufacturers a professional, highly qualified sales force. 


Manufacturers know that the best representatives make a commitment to continuous improvement and use MANA's member-only educational resources and Agency Sales magazine to make their agencies better every year. And the longer an agency has been a MANA member, the more time they've had to capitalize on those resources.


 Our representative members are proud of what they've accomplished, and they express their pride in their agency through membership in the world's most prestigious representative association. MANA representative members are an elite, highly professional group that gives back to the representative profession through membership in the association that is dedicated to advancing the professionalism and utilization of independent manufacturers' representatives.


As one of the most influential business advocacy organizations in Georgia and one of the top three chambers in the nation, the Cobb Chamber is dedicated to bringing the community and its leaders together to create jobs and strengthen the economy and quality of life so businesses and the community can achieve more.

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