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Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators Of 2022 compiled a list of the Best Protable Oxygen Concentrators and we are so happy to be working with the top competitor.

"Portable oxygen concentrators are life-saving medical devices.

They provide supplemental oxygen to people with pulmonary, cardiac and blood disorders. Plus, they’re convenient for those on the go—unlike stationary oxygen concentrators, they’re battery-operated and don’t have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. These portal devices “give people the freedom not to be tethered to an AC-powered concentrator,” says Bob Bacheler, the Philadelphia-based managing director of Flying Angels, a company

that provides non-emergency medical transport on commercial airlines.

To determine the best portable oxygen concentrators, the Forbes Health editorial team analyzed data on more than 30 products and ranked them based on affordability, weight, battery life, rang

e of settings and more. Note: All prices are accurate as of the publication date."

Click the here to see which ones made the list!

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